April 7, 2020

What An Opportunity

I was walking the dog this morning and saw one of my neighbors. Because of Corvid-19, we have to be aware of how close we are and we keep a safe distance from each other. But I think It also causes us to be more intent on speaking to others when we see them outside. I asked how they were doing and how her boys were. They were my students at one time. She responded in a very pleasant way by saying, “we’re surviving. I nodded and said great then continued to walk. As our dog stopped to sniff a tree, I started thinking about what my neighbor said. “Surviving.”
I started to think that surviving is the least that we do. This is our opportunity to make our own changes for the better.

To slow the spread of the Coronavirus, states have enacted stay in policies and closed schools. Business have temporarily shut down. There have been big changes in your lifestyle. So I have asked myself, what good has come out of this other than surviving? This has also been a time of great opportunity education systems. More schools around the country are now active in distance learning and providing some students rollout tech support so they can continue learning. Schools are also providing food distribution centers for families. They are playing a more active roll in the community.

A congress that have be divided over many issues, overwhelmingly approved a $2 trillion relief package that was signed by Donald Trump. It is considered the largest rescue package in American history. It has direct payments to Americans, unemployment insurance and aid for both large and small businesses. So in times of great change there is also a great opportunity for use to meet that change and make something better.

One thing that came to mind was the opportunity to make myself a better person. It caused me to put into practice the very spiritual principles that I speak of so often. One way to start is with an attitude of gratitude. Finding something to be thankful for each day. So, first thing in the morning, I say thank you God. For such a wonderful day. This simple yet powerful act sets the tone for my day. I consciously choose to find the good or beauty in my world.
“Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ.”
In this time of change, some of us are in a wilderness filled frustration and confusion. The spiritual practice is to recognize the worries, the fears and the frustrations then we change our focus to something we are thankful for.
The scriptures say “fear not stand firm and see the deliverance that the Lord will accomplish for you today.”
As I continued on my walk, I took a moment to be thankful for the fresh air and rain this morning. I was thankful for the buds that were forming on the tree. I was thankful for the change in seasons. This is our opportunity to practice our principles. Hold fast to a thankful heart even in challenging times of change.


  1. I too believe this is a time for transformation and spiritual renewal. NIV James 4:8 “Come near to God and he will come near to you. Wash your hands…and purify your hearts….” It is also a time to demonstrate the love of God by loving our neighbor. If you have financial resources, give to the needy. Call those who are lonely. Provide comfort to those who are grieving. These dark days of Covid 19 provide an opportunity for us to let our lights shine before others!

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