A Beautiful Thing

Inside each of us, there is a drumming desire to be better than what we are. This is the will of God, an internal measure of self, by the Divine. Religious and Spiritual practices have some form of devotion, such as a prayer, a mantra, a song, or breathing exercises that allow moments where our Spirit communes with God. Through these practices, we become more aware of the mind of God within. This is the starting point of all true thought and endless possibilities.
From each moment of devotion, we become aware that God is the essence of our being. As a result, our spiritual life and world, our mental life and world, and our physical life and world become one in perfect harmony.  We began to recognize that God is the source of all divine good in our lives. We become the expressions of God and share divine thoughts with each other in each “hello,” each “good morning,” and each smile. This is what it means to be “a child of God,” or to be “one with the Universe.”
When we become aware of the Divine within us, we become aware of our Divine expression. We have something beautiful to offer the world. We start to offer the world hope instead of doubt. We speak of possibilities instead of limitations. We share love in stead of hate. And that is a beautiful thing.

Contemplation of the Day: I express the Divine with others around me.
Centering Though: I AM